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Sesame Street Live
Our son, Amani, was given the tickets ("Sesame Street Live!") at UCSF because he is known as the resident Elmo fan. Amani is 2 years old and has been on chemotherapy for LCH for the past year... The suite seats were amazing and Amani and his brother and sister enjoyed every minute... Bless you and the amazing service you are providing to families. Thank you for brightening the day of our little guy! Amani sends all his love.
- The Martin Family 

Thank you so much for your generosity. Tonight you have allowed us to see the play "Elmo's Green Thumb." Our daughter currently has Leukemia. With a year left of treatment at Lucille Packard Children's Hospital, we got sick and missed our Make A Wish trip to see Elmo. Thanks for the opportunity for us finally see him. Though we are a ways from our finish line, it's comforting to know that our hearts can weather the storm no matter what the outcome. It's testimonies like yours that have led us to daily be able to say (even in the hardest times) "God is good." Thanks again and Grace and peace be yours.
- Dominick Orlando and Family 

Disney On Ice
I want to thank you for giving us a chance to see the Disney On Ice. My daughter and the whole family loved it and it was our first time. Such wonderful show and my daughter felt like a princess once again. After all the treatments she has to go through...its really wonderful...thank you and God Bless to all of you (who) make this happen to all children dealing with this illness.
- Michelle Gonzales 

My kids saw the commercials (Disney on Ice) everyday and asked if we could go. You made their wish come true. Thank you for making such wonderful memories for them during a difficult time. Everything about our experience was 1st class including meeting other wonderful families enjoying in the same experience.
Thank you,
- The Mahan Family 

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus
Thank you so much. Our son Tomas was just diagnosed with ALL Leukemia about a month ago. When he was diagnosed it felt like our lives would never be normal again; and that for his birthday, August 16th, we would end up spending it at home or in a hospital, instead of the way we would have liked, with an outing and a huge party. Thanks to your foundation, we spent his birthday at the circus. This experience was not only something that provided Tomas with great joy, but also helped us, his parents, to see that he could be a normal kid. The experience brought tears to my eyes. We can't begin to tell you how much that day meant to us all. Thank you so very much.
- Diego, Jenny, and Tomas 

Last week we were given tickets to the circus...my son has been really sick these last couple of months and he hasn't been able to go anywhere or be a normal four-year old and just play and be a kid. He was just released from UCSF after being in for six weeks after having brain surgery. It just felt really good to see him enjoy his self and be a kid again. We still have a long road ahead of us but its great to have foundations like these that can allow kids with cancer to still be able to be a kid and enjoy them self. So with all that being said me and my family just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
- Sharonda Payton 

High School Musical
One family in particular cried when they received them. They used the tickets as a celebration of their daughter leaving the hospital after three months. She is a huge High School Musical fan, and the timing could not have been better. Thank you so much for continuing to be such a great friend to the Children's Hospital.
- UCSF Children's Hospital Child Life Department 

My girls wanted to see High School Musical on Ice, but I was too busy to arrange for it. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to watch the show with such an ease - the suite was relaxing, parking was no sweat, and the girls loved the show, especially seeing Corbin Bleu in person. Thanks for adding some fun to our lives.
- The Kambs 

Harlem Globetrotters
Thank you very much for such a special evening at the Harlem Globetrotter's game last night. As great as it was for Sam to get out and have a fun evening when he could just be a kid again, Suzy and I appreciated getting to talk with you both and hear about your experience and share ours. People who haven't gone through this have a hard time relating to the experiences that we have had and the issues that we face. You both understand and we appreciate the compassion with which you engaged us. What you are doing in Nicholas' memory is such a fabulous thing. We all enjoyed ourselves and think the two of you are angels! Thank you!
- Derek, Suzy, Joe and especially Sam 

Thanks for the tickets to the Harlem globe trotters and for the Warriors magazine and i had fun.
- Jamaica Hasley 

Golden State Warriors Games
Thank you Gilbert family for the tickets. I saw the Warriors game last night. The suite is really awesome and we saw a Rolls Royce in the parking lot which was totally sick. Plus it was the first time I've ever been to a live basketball game. It was a really fun thing to do right before I had to go back in tomorrow for more chemo. Thank you again.
- Clayton 

My friends and I had a wonderful time at the game, despite me receiving chemo through a pump the entire time. It was definitely nice to get out of the house during a chemo session and spend time with family and friends. Thanks again,
- Dante Boguszewski and Friends

I will like to take this time to Thank you both for a wonderful night at the Warrior Game. We had a really good time! Trevon really enjoy the tour, the game and the gifts :-). You guys are wonderful and keep up the good work to making kids (Teens) happy.
- Barbara and Trevon Johnson

My heart and prayers go out to this organization and supporters for the amazing generosity it just showed my son! He just received a back pack during treatment and it just made his face light up! Receiving the gift during treatment really helped him feel a little more comfortable about getting treatment because now he doesn't see treatment as just a negative thing, especially when we have such a long way to go...
- Elias’ Dad 

Thank you so much for coming to 5 South and kicking off the Oakland Children's part of your "(Helping) Children Be Children" campaign. The big smiles and looks of anticipation on their faces made it clear to all of us how successful this program is in reaching its goal of letting our children experience, even for a brief time, the joy of just "being a kid". We all know in our heads what it means to be a child facing the diagnosis of cancer, and what it means to be the parent of such a child, but to have an organization like yours that works every day to bring just a little bit of normalcy back into the lives of the kids we treat is a tremendous blessing. I know as Nicholas looks down on your work he must be extremely proud to have such a great mom and dad!
- Dr. Torkildson, Children's Hospital Oakland

The snack packs, by the way, have been a great success and have provided a much needed snack to many of our families. As you know, many of our patients come to the ICU unexpectedly. These snack bags really help to keep our families nourished until their child becomes more stable, and they can allow themselves to pull away from the bedside.
- Children's Hospital Oakland Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Social Worker 

As you well know, a hospital stay can be a stressful experience for children and their families. Our Child Life Services program helps to alleviate this stress by offering therapeutic play, coping strategies, and other services to our young patients and their loved ones. Your gifts will help this exceptionally important department continue to thrive at the Children's Hospital.
- Mark R. Laret, CEO, UCSF Medical Center

Thank you for inviting Kyle to the Warrior's Clinic. Kyle had such a great time and so did I! It was the first time Kyle left school early and DIDN'T have to have any kind of medical treatment. It was also the first time Kyle had played basketball since the day he was diagnosed over a year ago. He thought it was really cool to meet Monte Ellis. Thanks so much for having such a great event where kids can be kids!"
- Jeff, Esther, and Kyle Lane 

Thanks again for the Warriors Basketball Clinic. You've made it possible to have another lasting memory for Troy and I. We really enjoyed ourselves. Yes...we finally were able to meet Monte Ellis. It was very exciting. Troy really had a work out that day. He actually fell asleep on the way home.
 - Carrie and Troy

Thank you so much for the fabulous gift back pack! We are moved not only by its generosity but how thoughtfully chosen each item is. It is perfect for our son Zach, who is one year old and hospitalized at CHO for acute myeloid leukemia. We also were thrilled with our visit from the harpists--you are doing wonderful, wonderful work.
- Julie, Ben, and Zachary