• Who We Are

Love Hope Caring

Named after Nicholas Colby Gilbert, the Nicholas Colby Fund® [501 (c) (3) #20-3201303] since 2006 has been uplifting the spirits of children with cancer or other life threatening illnesses, creating opportunities for children and their families to experience love, hope, joy, and some fun.

Our Purpose - Why the Nicholas Colby Fund® Exists
The Nicholas Colby Fund® (NCF) provides a variety of targeted services designed to sustain and uplift the spirits of children diagnosed with cancer and their families. Founded on the belief in the life-affirming value of simple, compassionate gestures, the NCF delivers joy and respite to families receiving care at children's hospitals via personalized entertainment and recreational experiences that enable sick children to be, for a while, just children. From Nicholas' death the NCF was born toward Helping Children Be Children® - of all ages.

Our Mission - Objectives capturing the essence of what the Nicholas Colby Fund® is accomplishing
Help create lasting childhood memories by providing exceptional-playful opportunities that uplift the spirit of a child diagnosed with cancer, a degenerating condition, or other life-threatening illness.

Our Vision - What the Nicholas Colby Funds aspires to be
We aspire to have a Nicholas Colby Fund suite in multiple NBA arenas while continually being the trusted partners to local children's hospitals, consistently demonstrating awareness and sensitivity via delivery of personalized events & experiences for children and their families through acts of love and compassion, "Helping Children Be Children".

From the beginning cancer didn't take away his love for others - he would give his toys to patients who were crying and he would buy gifts for friends visiting him in the hospital. And now NCF representatives, partners, and supporters collaborate to make today and tomorrow brighter for children.

Father of Nicholas Colby Gilbert is a leadership consultant with CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA Insurer.

"Guided by Nicholas' amazing love, I’m truly grateful for the belief & trust we shared knowing that God's love enabled Nicholas to "just know" he was loved, creating a continuous flow of joy in Nicholas' heart & soul throughout his life on earth and now in heaven. Continually loving Nicholas and following his lead of caring, sharing, and giving, coupled with a passion to help create better moments now and tomorrow for children is why I am devoted to Helping Children Be Children®."

Lamont is a co-founder of another non-profit organization empowering kids touched by cancer, performs speaking roles for a number of organizations including The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, regularly participates in children’s hospitals related objectives, and is an Emeritus Board of Trustee for the award-winning Lafayette Library & Learning Center.

Sheila Gilbert

Mother of Nicholas Colby Gilbert is a property & casualty insurance agent with AAA Club of Northern California, Nevada & Utah.

"The love I have for my children keeps me forging ahead in the midst of the childhood leukemia path we were chosen to take. Because of the journey we are on it is evident, to me, that my calling is to help others faced with the heart-wrenching impact of the awful news of another horrible diagnosis. There is so much power of a child's smile, and creating more smiles is my life mission."

Sheila is a co-founder of another non-profit organization empowering kids touched by cancer and regularly participates in children's hospitals' related objectives.

Kimberly Abbas

Former nanny of Nicholas Colby Gilbert, works for AAA Club of Northern California, Nevada & Utah.

I once read a poem called "Reason, Season, Lifetime" by Aleksandra Lachut. The very first line reads: People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. My immediate thoughts were of Nikko. While I'll never fully understand why his time here on earth was so short, I do understand that he was here for a "reason." Knowing that Nikko's kind and loving spirit lives on, helping children, warms my heart and brings a smile to my face. Being a part of The Nicholas Colby Fund is special to me and very exciting.