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The Nicholas Colby Fund evolving to contribute and impact people and communities in other virtuous ways:

allyship and advocates

“Giving” is fulfilling in all ways possible and in many ways that may seem improbable, in terms of the virtuous impact it can create in the hearts, minds, and reciprocal actions of others. This is true professionally, personally, and the intersection of both. For me, it’s revealed via my leadership consultancy and our foundation - The Nicholas Colby Fund (named after Nicholas Colby Gilbert).

Trusting and believing God’s omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence continually brings an abundance of love reflecting on every moment, day, week, month, and Nicholas’ six years as never-ending gifts.

Nicholas’ gifts are everlasting feelings of everything perfect and pure. They’re brilliant bursts of light that will never, ever dimmer as we remember all of his goodness. He shines and sparkles so beautifully, sensing and knowing God’s loving touch that will never leave us void of love transcending back-and-fourth to our hearts and souls!

Since 2006, the Nicholas Colby Fund has provided personalized events and experiences to children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. We’ve collaborated with children’s hospitals and an array of public as well as non-profit organizations establishing a community of purpose focused on children. The impact? We’ve provided opportunities creating thousands of smiles for children and their families.

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In 2020, Nicholas’ loving touch continued to uplift spirts of others (not just children) – a gift he gives with God’s grace. Influenced by the following two expressions from Nicholas during his cancer ordeal, the Nicholas Colby Fund evolved to be allys and advocates for children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses:

  • “I always want to be a child!” (With our love encamped around him.)
  • “I’m glad people see me as a hero, but can someone else do this now!” (When hearing or reading people stating he was a hero.)

Since 2021, our evolution to pure allyship and advocacy began as the focus of efforts and actions. We recognize there are so many truths about children and challenges. And I believe there is just one meaning of love that guides our hearts. The way we walk through life (figuratively speaking), the way we speak with and about others, actions we take in our personal and professional lives, and on-and-on leading to the truth of each and every one of us living our best lives.

Examples of our work moving forward capitalize on leveraging knowledge, skills, and abilities with:

  • The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society toward researching, finding, and providing new and better treatments.
  • Local non-profit organizations as a catalyst toward their work supporting patients to become healthier, live longer, and live better.
  • Professional sports organizations such as the Golden State Warriors helping dreams of patients come true. In this example, a patient close to Nicholas, the Nicholas Colby Fund, and the Golden State Warriors had an inspiring story of hope and love expressed in “this” Golden State Warriors video. Experience Troy, coupled with Nicholas’ touch and words I share about it all..


– Lamont Gilbert